This is my reply to Andy…I so...

This is my reply to Andy…I so wish that I could share my relationship with God directly over to you. I too had my reservations and doubts. As an abused child I felt that He could not possibly be real. How could He just let it happen? In this short note I can not even begin to tell you all the ways He has saved me from harms way.

I’m an analytical girl so I needed God to help me understand…and oh did He ever. It’s not possible for me to share or I would freely hand my relationship over to you!! I am full of His Love and want everyone to experience that same Love.

It’s OK to question, we all will at some point, but in the quiet places in your heart is where He will speak, you just need to turn on the stereo. The only way to do that is just take a moment to not question and just know…no I did not say fully accept…just for know…Just Know…if so many people Feel Him (not know about Him but feel) then maybe it’s worth you just taking a step back and look at the positives.

There is a song I sing at church and it’s called “What If?” ,,,,,,,what if you’re wrong…I would say just to know would be great…but when it goes beyond that…I can’t even explain it…I Would Not Be writing If I Had Not Once Felt Just As You…Let Him Show You…forget everyone else…Let Him Speak…Thanks for Listening……Take Care.

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Cass wrote on March 28, 2012

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