For Natalie “For Jake Arana …… My...

For Natalie
“For Jake Arana …… My friend I guess you are wrong ….. The main reason for a human to believe in a God or stick to a religion is FEAR …fear of the unknown and the hope to live forever someway.”
People who believe in God believe that there are some things in this world that are bigger then them…we don’t try to explain what we don’t know, cause we don’t need to, because we aren’t afraid of not knowing. I know I for one don’t fear much, even less now that I’ve started believing in God, and I was not forced to or made to believe through fear, it was something I realized for myself, I chose to and ever since, my life makes more sense, life’s obstacles are so much easier to get through, and I’m so much happier. My life now consists of doing the best I can with what I’ve got, I don’t expect nor need nor hope to live forever, I’m great with the life I’m living now, I’m happy, I have a great family, and I have a bright future…what more could I possibly need or ask for?

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brabbit wrote on February 13, 2010

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