Love, when I hear the word I...

Love, when I hear the word I think of that one person. The person that don’t see the good in you. They don’t like you, but yet you have the strongest feelings for them. You love them more than anyone, and you just want to be in their arms constantly.
Every time you hear their name, see them you go weak. Your stomach fills with butterflies, and you panic. You ask yourself millions of stupid questions. Questions that would never be asked. You talk, and act like everything is fine, when it’s not, and really you’re crying inside, and wanting to scream in their face that you love them! But you just can’t.
Love is the most precious, but painful thing. It ruins lives, tears people apart. But when you’ve found ‘the one’ its the best thing anyone could ever ask for, it brings joy and happiness. It’s one of the most scary, painful things, yet everyone seems to want it. Even you and me. Yes. That’s my definition of love.

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jai wrote on November 12, 2011

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