Love is having that magical feeling towards...

Love is having that magical feeling towards somebody who is million miles away from you yet you have this certain bond that ties you creating an impression that no distance separates you… you are still awed just by merely looking at the person leaving you misty eyes and just feeling his intent gaze makes you breathless…you are not bored for many hours just merely listening to his voice, chatting with him online, wishful thinking that time is eternity between the two of you … exchanging jokes, sometimes corny but still enjoying them… listening to music that have significant meanings for both of you…having some disagreements that will lead you bursting into laughter in the end… the kisses and touch seems so real you crave for more… the caring bestowed for each other is genuine… sincerity of the words spoken cannot be faked you can feel it through your heart…he is part of your system you are thinking of the person every minute of the day… well that’s LOVE.

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teejay wrote on April 28, 2011

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