** I don’t know how to say...

I don’t know how to say this. I LOVE YOU. Your who you are, and not who your friends want you to be. I love that. I love having someone who will listen to what I have to say. (No guy has really done that before.) And I love having someone to listen to.
But, I don’t TALK to you. In person at least. NOT enough. There’s an occasional “what’s up?” but thats NOT enough. Walking down the hall there’s a “hi” and we go on with our separate lives. There are things I WANT to tell you, but I will only tell in person. Things that only feel right told FACE TO FACE. There’s a missing piece that we can only find if we can actually TALK. THEN, the last piece will fit.**
<<<<<33333 M.E.

Nataly :- )

Love (3879)
Nataly wrote on February 18, 2008

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