Babe. I never helped you cooked the...

I never helped you cooked the food. Never helped you wash the clothes. Always turn the radio off when you’re singing. Change the TV channel when you are watching you’re favorite movie. Laughed at you when you shed tear for sad movies. Pack the clothes for holiday. Feed the cat in the morning. Make the bed after I wake up. Go out with my friends when you told me not to. And yet you are still here with me. But I know. I always have you in my heart. You are in every step that I make. Every word that I utter, every thoughts that I think about and every breath that I take. I promise I would fight for you, cherish every moment with you, be with you every step of the way and love you until the end of my life. I have always been there and always will. I love you!

Love (3879)
Unknown wrote on July 3, 2012

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