Love is beautiful, it’s like magic in...

Love is beautiful, it’s like magic in the air. Love is strong and amazing.The way you feel when someone tells you they love you makes you have a wonderful feeling inside. You smile, look them in those gorgeous eyes and say it back with confidence. It is like chocolate melting in your mouth. It’s sweet not sour. The warmth through out your body makes it even better. Their eyes sparkle with love, you can’t resist but blush. The moment stands perfect. You glance back and forth for a while then the magic happens. The magic is no longer floating in the air it’s in your lips. Suddenly he leans forward and kisses you with those soft loving lips. Lips are locked together and then you slowly pull away. He tells you how beautiful you are and once again you blush with joy.

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jelly bean wrote on December 25, 2011

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