Atheists do not believe in nothing, they...

Atheists do not believe in nothing, they simply do not believe. We are people who need proof in order to believe. Maybe this is because we never saw faith as something we needed in the past, or maybe we have had faith and were disappointed, but we find it more difficult to trust than other people. We are often branded as totally distrusting, but I believe the truth of all atheists is that we are cautious and rational. We have felt disappointment, we have seen it’s effects and decided by ourselves that this is not something worth going through unless there is proof that religion is real. I admire those with faith, it is an honorable quality, but just one that in my heart of hearts I cannot embrace.

Quote: Atheists do not believe in nothing, they...

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J Marsh wrote on August 25, 2009

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  • soup to nutz says:

    >>>I admire those with faith, it is an honorable quality,
    Faith is not an honorable quality. Faith is the absence of thought. Faith teaches one to be satisfied with not understanding the world. Faith demands unquestioning obedience to a doctrine. So far as I can remember, there is not one word in the Gospels in praise of intelligence. We are told to be like sheep, blindly following an unchanging religious dogma.

    According to the religious, Knowledge is sinful because it causes one to question. Using your brain is a capital offense. Religion is a faith game wherein players are constantly looking for ways in and out, not to seek truth or knowledge but for ways only to preserve their faith. This is no surprise. Preservation of faith is the single most important thing in any religion. Without it any religion would die.

    The major difference between religion and science is that most religious people maintain faith whatever they observe and/or conclude even if evidence directly contradicts what one believes. Science alters it’s precepts when evidence arises that directly contradicts or disproves what was once believed to be true. That is why science works and gets one closer to the truth.
    Faith is NOT an honorable quality by any means of its definition.



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