What on earth made people think things...

What on earth made people think things would be easy? Nothing is, and it never will be. Perfection is pointless and the pursuit of happiness is only achieveable through realising life is unfair…but to make do with small pleasures.
People talk about God, but who is this strange bearded man? Does he plan our lives or make it up as he goes along? Reasons and explanations are only required by those who do not appreciate what they have, and spend their lives searching for what they haven’t.
In response to 8.andy:
tell your friend everything he wants to hear; that things will get easier,, that soon life will change for the better, and bring about new happiness. Neither of you may believe this but empty words mean there is space for feeling, emotion and hidden messages. Then sit. Be there, be silent, be still. No real words are needed.

Sad (687)
abs227 wrote on November 3, 2008

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