The most vivid yet unrecognized rule of...

The most vivid yet unrecognized rule of the universe is balance. When we truly understand its significance we find it everywhere and also residing in everything, from the most obvious (day and night as light and dark) to the most deceiving (good and evil where evil pretends to be good and the good make bad decisions).
Even in each and every individual we find the strong and the weak, to the rich and the poor, to the dumb and the smart etc. Life itself is balanced by death (if we want to live, we must be prepared to die. Whether or not this is recognized, doesn’t matter!) because it applies to all of us.
Even those that sit on top of the pyramid all high and mighty! But sometimes people mistake balance for khama. Khama is how one attaches themselves to their emotions of their experiences which later influences future decisions on the same topics, where as balance is the overseer of all equals and dual opposites, remember the saying “What you give is what you get?” a lot of people refer this to khama but the truth of the matter is that is originates from balance “What you take from another will be taken from you” “What you give will be given back” “How you treat one is how another will treat you” all three statements seem fair don’t they?
So just remember next time you think to yourself (“What the hell did I do to deserve that?”) it’s not because you deserve it, it’s just that the rule of balance is reminding you that it’s there and keeping tabs on what you do. All actions and reactions ripple throughout the universe only to return to where it originated from.

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Mr Macic wrote on January 19, 2013

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