Words unspoken. Let me tell you this:...

Words unspoken. Let me tell you this: my life hasn’t been easy, no life is. I was bullied when I was younger, told I wasn’t going to succeed in life by teachers, became the thing I hated most, a bully.

I’ve been struggling with depression since I was six. Attempted suicide three times. Twice by cutting my wrist but my sister was there to stop me. The third time I laid on a busy street waiting to get ran over but when it almost happen when I thought my suffering was going to end, my two best friends came in and saved me. Made me promise to never do that again. I was an angry child and took it out on my friends.

I hated coming home because my parents were always arguing. Yelling nonsense, they finally got a divorce. But I felt betrayed, I felt abandoned, I felt lonely. Every relationship I ever had was a failure because I couldn’t commit. I felt that people were just going to end up leaving me as my father did to me. It wasn’t until later on when I had gone back to my faith in God that things got better. Not saying I am happy but I do have my moments. (Thank you for reading).

Depression (74), Life (2019)
punk rocker chic unspoken girl wrote on May 6, 2013

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  • Sad Girl says:

    Your story sounds quite similar to mine. I guess. Well, not really. I have been struggling with depression my entire life. 17 years. My parents are not divorced, but they might as well be. I haven’t tried to commit suicide, but only because I haven’t found a way that I like. Nobody comes right out and tells me that I won’t succeed, but I know that’s what they mean. To anybody but me however, my life seems very good. Does that make me a bad person?



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