To everyone here who has had there...

To everyone here who has had there heart broken I feel your pain I know what its like, it hurts like crazy, it drains your energy, and makes you feel like theres nothing else out there for you. I just got dumped after 7 years and it was the most shocking, hurtful experience ever, and I know its going to hurt for a while, but the real medicine for this is to worry about yourself now! do whats best for you and only you, let love come your way you can’t dwell on the past and expect good things out of it, life goes on with or without you. Your heart is made for 3 things to break, love, and live so live life go out with friends, family, co- workers meet new people for NOW is your chance and happiness will come back in your life but only if you allow it to…

Break Up (1526)
Ryan wrote on September 18, 2008

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