A lot of these quotes are so...

A lot of these quotes are so true…but they make it hurt almost even more than it did before…I don’t see many guys on here. But I am a guy…and I have had my heart completely shattered by a woman that I loved, and still love as much as ever. Nobody has ever had my love like she did. Not even my ex- wife, who I was with since freshman year of high school and had two children together before divorcing after 16 years of being together (7 of them married). I feel completely worthless, unlovable, and like she broke up with me because I have kids. She says not, but in the end it boils down to me being who I am because I have my children to consider. And that is where I see what she says is the problem as stemming from. And it kills me…as naive as it may make me, I never thought it would be my kids that would hold me back from being loved and being able to be happy. IDK…now I am rambling. Life just really sucks for me right now. Maybe I just don’t deserve to be loved and should just give up…

Break Up (1526)
David wrote on March 6, 2012

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