He got someone new when he was...

He got someone new when he was away and when he came back home I was gone too!! After coming home from a great summer of trying to take my mind off of him (which did happen), I came home to find out that he had someone new!! Knowing that he moved on gave me more comfort , so now I don’t need to be thinking do he still love me , cause if he does what will I do?? I don’t need to think about that know!! I thought that my life was going to be a living hell without him , turns out that my life became more easier and better!! Turns out that I was in a bad relationship to my mental health!! So, now with him gone my life is a lot more better and it opened more doors for me, so I thank him for everything that he did to make me a stronger woman!! :]
So, please after reading this don’t think that your life is going to be a living hell without him, cause trust me you are so much better and you deserve someone a lot more better than your ex!!

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stronger and better!! :) wrote on August 27, 2011

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