When you watch others fall in love...

When you watch others fall in love and break up, you can’t help but say “get over it” but when it happens to you, it’s a different story. Take your time and in time she/he will be off your mind. First she/he is on your mind every day and for a long time, then after you barely think about him/her. It’s a process. You don’t become good at something over night, it’s the same with a break up. We’re all emotional, it’s in our nature. No one on this planet can have a break up and be normal the next day, no matter how many times its happened to you.
For the older generation that have been in many break- ups, it’s a bit different you get over them in a shorter period but we’re all emotional wreck. But believe me searching answers won’t help, seek answer within yourself. Repair your heart but in a slow and steady pace. Teach yourself to stop thinking about what he/she is doing, thinking or if there’s a chance you’ll get back together. One last thing. Don’t relate it to movies, not many relationships break up and get back together. Just ask yourself, how many of your friends got back together with their ex’s?

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Adil Berdai wrote on August 26, 2011

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