You say I’m so bright, that I...

You say I’m so bright, that I light up your world on a dark night. But when you walked out on me my world was no longer bright it was shattered into a million piece.
I said I wouldn’t miss you but once I notice you were gone for good I felt like my heart was ripped out of me and I was dying then I realized I missed you a lot.
Why did you say you loved me when you really didn’t?
Why did you say you would stay with me forever when all you wanted was to break my heart. All I can ask is why and nobody will never know why.
Truth is no matter how much I want to hate you, I simply can’t. I love you a lot and you will never realize what you walked out on.

Break Up (1526)
?STEPHANIE‚ÄĘK?b wrote on September 23, 2011

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