Alcohol Quotes, Sayings about alcoholic drinks

Im too drunk to notice what im doing, so ill think about it later.

Submitted by: Ed

I’m gonna get drunk and let my car drive me home!

Submitted by: Jerryhammer

Drink like a fish.
Smoke like a chimney..
Tomorrow is another day..

Submitted by: jay razon

I drink so that I cannot lie

Submitted by: vince

Over the Lips and Over the Gums Watch out Stomach Here it Comes.

Submitted by: Aarron

The magnetic fields in the Earth must be Drunk if it makes the World spin


Submitted by: Trevor

You now you’re drunk when you pour the beer down you’re through because you are lying on your back and can’t lift your head.

Submitted by: mccoy

I have an alcohol problem…problem is, I can’t get enough of the stuff.

Submitted by: j.gmck

Alcohol makes everything better!! SOUTH CAROLINA GIRLS, do it big or go home.

Submitted by: Brittney Trevino

Drinking makes the mind go sober.

Submitted by: heruba

No matter how far you go down the right road, you can always turn around and go to the dance bar and get some beer.

Submitted by: George Washington

I’m not an alcoholic…I’m a narcotics enthusiast!!!

Submitted by: Nicole

I Have No Drinking Problems.
I Drink … I Get Drunk … I Fall Down … No Problem :- )

Submitted by: Zealotor

I drink till I can’t see any more.i drink till I can’t walk. I drink till I hit the floor.i drink till I am sick. Then I still get up and drink some more

Submitted by: tricia

I am being sober in moderation…

Submitted by: T-Man

I am on a ALCOHOL DRINKING DIET so when I see ALCOHOL I have to DRINK.

Submitted by: Given

When life gives you lemons, break out the tequila and salt!

Submitted by: Jani

Whisky or wine? I really don’t even care if that ryhmes, but since I’m on a role give me a shot of both.

Submitted by: John Lane

Cant sing.
Can’t dance.
Too fat to fly.
So I drink…
In loving memory.

Submitted by: Rick Fenn

I’m not musician with a drinking problem, I’m a drinker with a music problem.

Submitted by: Matt

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