Alcohol Quotes, Sayings about alcoholic drinks

Rum- Regularly Used Medicine.

Submitted by: Siddharth

I’m lost. Please take me to the nearest BAR.

Submitted by: sammie

I don’t get drunk, I get AWESOME!!

Submitted by: Bo Urbon

People say I have an alcohol problem, and I say if there is still alcohol there is no problem.

Submitted by: craig

Don’t Worry…I’m SOTALLY TOBER!

Submitted by: Leo.Y

When you start taking pictures of yourself drinking. You need help.

Submitted by: lihleG

Take me down to the bar! We’ll drink breakfast together!
W.C. Fields

In the eye of a drunk, no one is ugly.

Submitted by: Onyedikachi

Love you lots like vodka shots but not as much as tequila.

Submitted by: SASHA

I don’t need rehab…I need refill.

Submitted by: Tom

I’m not drunk I’m just holding on to the lawn so I don’t fall off the earth.

Submitted by: Tay

Drinking beer is not my habit, its my hobby.

Submitted by: Pradeep

I have a drinking problem, two hands, one beer, that’s the problem.

Submitted by: vuvuzela

10% accidents are because of drunk drivers. Think wisely about rest 90%.

Submitted by: Raj

Even on bier, I’d still have my beer!

Submitted by: Ibanga JF

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