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A drunkards blood should be examined very well by the doctor before donor.who knows his blood may be 75% alcoholic

Submitted by: dimude richard onyebuchi

Drink like a fish.
Smoke like a chimney..
Tomorrow is another day..

Submitted by: jay razon

A drinker’s thoughts are the real face of a gentle person.

Submitted by: Neeraj.Kumar

When life gives you lemons, break out the tequila and salt!

Submitted by: Jani

I have a drinking problem, two hands and just one mouth.

Submitted by: Johnny Walker

Person 1 : Are You A Alcoholiic
Person 2 : Naaa I Only Drink In Days That End In Y
To Prevent Hangovers Stay Drunk ..
Save Water ,, Drink Vodka

Submitted by: Kel

I am not drunk, I’m just chemically off- balanced…

Submitted by: yusufali

I don’t drink and drive… I drive in between sips!!

Submitted by: Ephriam B.

When I drink… I feel like I’m a KING of the biggest KINGS in the world!

Submitted by: khoury

Go ahead, drink and drive, the police is to your left, the hospital it to your right and the morgue is further up the road.

Submitted by: rookie0117

I’m gonna get drunk and let my car drive me home!

Submitted by: Jerryhammer

Son, we found blood in your alcohol stream…

Submitted by: Shelbz

I’m not drunk, I’m just exhausted from drinking all night.

Submitted by: Steven

No police officer I don’t drink and drive it’s illegal… I drive and drink!

Submitted by: Jahszmiin

Don’t drink and drive because you might get hit by a blimp and spill your drink. And that’s bad.

Submitted by: xkxxkxkxk

Nothing is impossible when you’re drunk.

Submitted by: rash

Cant sing.
Can’t dance.
Too fat to fly.
So I drink…
In loving memory.

Submitted by: Rick Fenn

Its good to leave alcohol, its not good to not know where you left it!
What time doesn’t cure, alcohol hides the pain.
Alcohol causes you forget stuff and some other things a don’t remember!

Submitted by: alberto sarti

Im too drunk to notice what im doing, so ill think about it later.

Submitted by: Ed

And the ones who don’t like liquor, drugstores admire you.

Submitted by: Samantha

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