Alcohol Quotes, Sayings about alcoholic drinks

I thought that alcohol was just for special occasions but people use it just to dull the pain.

Submitted by: dinobambamboom

Alcohol is the best thing that has ever been invented. (:

Submitted by: lucia

This is an old Danish saying
We toast to our friends and those we know. And those we do not know, them we toast with.

Submitted by: DrunkenDane

Me: Yes officer is anything wrong?
Officer: No I was just wondering if you have any beer left??
Me: Yes we do.. But you have to fix my DUI
Officer: Give me the beer
This really happen but he never fixed my DUI

Submitted by: Nikki

I don’t drunk with dance people!

Submitted by: Nik-Nak

Take me drunk, I am home!!

Submitted by: enri

Life is too short to stay sober.

Submitted by: Ranjeet Singh Gill

It caused me to want more daily…CHEEEERRSSSSS!!!!!!

Submitted by: aiden

AA? My mom didn’t raise a quitter.

Submitted by: skolnick

A question stuck into my mind, that is there any bar in the hell?

Submitted by: Pradeep

I need a beer… Actually.. Make it a case.

Submitted by: kellen

To beer or not to beer shakesbeer

Submitted by: adam

A day without beer is like a day without sun.

Submitted by: floyd

Beer is your true friend, always there…always available.

Submitted by: eisenheim23

Go ahead, drink and drive, the police is to your left, the hospital it to your right and the morgue is further up the road.

Submitted by: rookie0117

I am awake, I might as well be drinking.

Submitted by: ali

I am not drunk, I’m just chemically off- balanced…

Submitted by: yusufali

He who drinks gets drunk, he who gets drunk goes to sleep, he who goes to sleeps doesn’t sin, he who doesn’t sin goes to heaven, so lets all drink n we all go to heaven!!! Order from above.

Submitted by: Wanjusi Isaac

Alcohol is the sweet poison having benefits less than harm.

Submitted by: zaffar magami

Let’s face it – no great story ever started with someone eating a salad.

Submitted by: Dixon

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