Alcohol Quotes, Sayings about alcoholic drinks - Page 19

Work is the curse of the drinking class.

Submitted by: Dennis

Drink till she looks cute…!!

Submitted by: jack

Don’t drink and drive… But then again don’t read and drive.

Submitted by: Mark Abela xD

“According to me,A Balanced Diet is Having a BEER in Each Hand”

Submitted by: Sahil Manchanda

Yea I Have a drinking problem. 2 hands 1 mouth no beer!!!!!!

Submitted by: Kitty

Let ethanol make you more interesting.

Submitted by: ankur dhankar

I don’t have a drinking problem… I’m actually quite good at it.

Submitted by: chingo

I was sober, but then I woke up

Submitted by: Burak

Who says I drink.. I am just helping poor people working in alcohol factories.

Submitted by: abhay bhandari

Beer makes you feel the way you should feel without beer.

Submitted by: Donnie Morris
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