Alcohol Quotes, Sayings about alcoholic drinks

Alcohol is the sweet poison having benefits less than harm.

Submitted by: zaffar magami

I only drink occasionally but everyday seems like my birthday.

Submitted by: Robby

Life is too short to stay sober.

Submitted by: Ranjeet Singh Gill

I only drink on two occasions, first when it’s raining and second when it’s not.

Submitted by: deep

I thought that alcohol was just for special occasions but people use it just to dull the pain.

Submitted by: dinobambamboom

I only drink on two occasions, when I’m thirsty and when I’m not.

Submitted by: matt

Alcohol is the best thing that has ever been invented. (:

Submitted by: lucia

When I’m drunk and I say I love you, I’m referring to beer. Don’t take this the wrong way but I need some time with beer. Beer goes away, but you…you stay here forever.

Submitted by: Michael

This is an old Danish saying
We toast to our friends and those we know. And those we do not know, them we toast with.

Submitted by: DrunkenDane

I don’t drink to get drunk…I drink to get awesome.

Submitted by: Joshua

I don’t need rehab…I need refill.

Submitted by: Tom

You look like I could use a drink!

Submitted by: Kimberly

Beer doesn’t make you fat, it makes you lean… On things like chairs, tables, and other people.

Submitted by: Katie

A day without beer is like a day without sun.

Submitted by: floyd

I sometimes drink to be able to tolerate those around me who don’t.
– Robert Ruffer

Submitted by: Robert Ruffer

You must be drunk cos I can see 3 of you.

Submitted by: j.gmck

I have an alcohol problem…problem is, I can’t get enough of the stuff.

Submitted by: j.gmck

Boy: What is the secret to a long life?
Wise one: The secret to a long life is don’t drink, don’t smoke, and don’t overeat. The secret to a happy life is a whole different story!

Submitted by: lo foxy

Party all night, drink all day maybe that would make the hangover go away.

Submitted by: %crazy star%

If I’m not good enough for you, then you’re not drunk enough for me.

Submitted by: Sergiy

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