Alcohol Quotes, Sayings about alcoholic drinks

Alcohol makes everything better!! SOUTH CAROLINA GIRLS, do it big or go home.

Submitted by: Brittney Trevino

I wasn’t drinking, I wasn’t drunk, I wasn’t even there, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Submitted by: johnnyblayz

I’m not drunk I’m just holding on to the lawn so I don’t fall off the earth.

Submitted by: Tay

You know you’re drunk when you lose arguments with yourself.

Submitted by: Klub12

Nothing is impossible when you’re drunk.

Submitted by: rash

A night to never forget is one you can hardly remember.

Submitted by: miranda

Whisky Is A Brilliant Invention…One DOUBLE and people starts feeling SINGLE Again…:P

Submitted by: akash

Drinking solves my drinking problem.

Submitted by: brant

Give a man a beer and another beer and another beer and here fishy fishy. Give me another beer.

Submitted by: Cal

Is the glass is half empty or half full?
Who cares? Just drink the beer and move on with life!

Submitted by: Beyond Lazy

Beer is better than a woman… It’s always there for you, never disappoints, always makes you feel good and doesn’t care if you drink out of another beer.

Submitted by: tyler zander

Dear Alcohol – You’ve always been there for me, you wipe my memory when I’m sad, you make that girl down the hall look rad, you landed me in jail twice, but were there when I got bailed out ready on ice, you are taking away the worthless years of my life, killing my liver and helping me ignore my wife. Without you life is an endless road, a life better with sober people is such a load, we both know, in the end, we will be together. So pour me a shot, kick it with beer, lets have another amazing night, it’s only us here.

Submitted by: Chris Shepherd

Dear friend: I have been thinking and drinking until finally I realized something REALLY important and that’s I like drinking

Submitted by: Tay-tah-tohts

I don’t drink and drive, I drink as I drive.

Submitted by: Wanjusi Isaac

Tequila..all the answers are at the end of the bottle!

Submitted by: Dev0

AA? My mom didn’t raise a quitter.

Submitted by: skolnick

I’ll have one more. I cannot eat on an empty stomach.

Submitted by: Brannas

The best way to end a successful campaign is with a bottle of champagne.

Submitted by: Ayara Vincent

Who needs beer goggles, I got vodka binoculars!!!

Submitted by: tbr

Paul: I noticed that the only time you respond is when you are drunk.
Mark: True, that’s because I only drink to make you interesting.

Submitted by: dotun

I do not get drunk, I get awesome.

Submitted by: bobby

I figured out the abbreviation of WH IS KY” =”which is the key” to everything.

Submitted by: Ambuj Bhatt

I don’t drink and drive… I drive in between sips!!

Submitted by: Ephriam B.

I’m recovering from sobriety…

Submitted by: Tawna

I don’t drunk with dance people!

Submitted by: Nik-Nak

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