Alcohol Quotes, Sayings about alcoholic drinks - Page 8

Let him get drunk…And later, he will confess the truth.

Submitted by: CLEMENZ

Drink like a fish.
Smoke like a chimney..
Tomorrow is another day..

Submitted by: jay razon

Alcohol – Some of the best times you’ll never remember.

Submitted by: kenny

I don’t have a drinking problem… The glass lifts up just fine thank you.

Submitted by: lana lane

I am on a ALCOHOL DRINKING DIET so when I see ALCOHOL I have to DRINK.

Submitted by: Given

Yeah I have a drinking problem. I can fist two beers and only have one mouth.

Submitted by: Ben Dover

Wine enters, secrets come out.

Submitted by: eldy

I will keep drinking till you are pretty.

Submitted by: dino

Money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you alcohol.

Submitted by: leyton

Only when you are drunk can your true creative side be seen.

Submitted by: Annisha Barrett

If you start talking to the beer bottle you’re drunk, if the beer bottle talks back you’re WASTED!

Submitted by: supersoldier2010

I have a drinking problem, two hands and just one mouth.

Submitted by: Johnny Walker

A sober mind is a boring mind.

Submitted by: Koketso Nkwane

I have a drinking problem, two hands, one beer, that’s the problem.

Submitted by: vuvuzela

Over the Lips and Over the Gums Watch out Stomach Here it Comes.

Submitted by: Aarron

Drink until you fall over and then you lay and drink…

Submitted by: herman

Hand me another shot, you’re still ugly.

Submitted by: Craig

People say I have an alcohol problem, and I say if there is still alcohol there is no problem.

Submitted by: craig

He who drinks gets drunk
He who gets drunk falls asleep
He who falls asleep does not sin
He who does not sin goes to heaven
So let us all drink and go to heaven ……

Submitted by: Stu Hill

There is no such thing as strong drink – only weak men.

Submitted by: Oneel

I don’t have a drinking problem… I’m actually quite good at it.

Submitted by: chingo

And the ones who don’t like liquor, drugstores admire you.

Submitted by: Samantha

She only drinks when she’s awake and then only on those days that end in Y. I’ve never seen her drunk enough to fall off the floor. Where’s the problem here?

Submitted by: gotabuzz

My grandfather is over 80 years old and doesn’t need glasses; he drinks straight from the bottle!

Submitted by: Mugambi

Beer.. The cause, and solution to all of life’s problems..

Submitted by: Sam

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