Vodka Quotes and Sayings

If the ocean was vodka and I was a duck I’d swim to the bottom and never come up.
But the ocean’s not vodka and I am not a duck so pass me a bottle and shut the f**k up!

Submitted by: Dr C Glynn

I heard this one the other day…
When life gives you lemons make lemonade. Then find someone who’s life gave them vodka, mix them together and have a party!!

Submitted by: Bob

Help! I fell and I can’t reach my vodka.

Submitted by: .:kaeley:.

Vodka and ice = bad for you liver
Whiskey and ice = bad for your heart
Scotch and ice = bad for your brain
Dammit, the ice ruins everything!

Submitted by: DisGuy

Good girls are made of sugar and spice…But me and my girls are made outta vodka and ice.

Submitted by: jaz

Life has many choices… Whiskey… Vodka.. Rum.. Gin.. Beer.. Which one did you Choose????

Submitted by: anjan

I’ll drink responsibly when there is a brand of vodka named Responsibly.

Who needs beer goggles, I got vodka binoculars!!!

Submitted by: tbr

5 Rules of Alcohol
1. Open bar is a dangerous game. Respect it.
2. Vodka can be mixed up with anything. Even more vodka.
3. Tequila changes people.
4. If you do something really stupid, never say that you are drunk. Unless you’re not.
5. If he/she’s still ugly after the 7th beer, give up.

Now I lay me down to sleep with a vodka bottle at my feet. If I die before I wake. Tell my friends I drank it straight.

Submitted by: justise

Love you lots like vodka shots but not as much as tequila.

Submitted by: SASHA

Vodka . . . Like water, only better.

Submitted by: urmothah

Liquor, beer, and vodka make the world a nicer place. People can’t stop laughing, all the fat ugly girls get laid, and the world keeps spinning round. And round and round.

Submitted by: Lee

Happy hour is any hour with vodka.

Submitted by: jesseyeca

Person 1 : Are You A Alcoholiic
Person 2 : Naaa I Only Drink In Days That End In Y
To Prevent Hangovers Stay Drunk ..
Save Water ,, Drink Vodka

Submitted by: Kel

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