Anger Quotes and Sayings

Never do anything when you are in a temper, for you will do everything wrong.
Baltasar Gracian

Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.
Benjamin Franklin

Never reply when you are angry.
Never make a promise when you are happy.
Never make a decision when you are sad.

Don’t get mad …Just get even.

Submitted by: *ChEnY*

I don’t have a short temper I just have a low tolerance for stupidity, immaturity & ignorance.

Nobody makes you angry, you decide to use anger as a response.

Say nothing when you are angry, you won’t have to apologize when you become conscious.

Submitted by: Ernest Agboklu

Even the nicest people have their limits.

When you’re angry, your text speed increases by a ridiculous amount.

Anger destroys more than it repairs.

Submitted by: odeawle oludare suprano donpedro

Hell has three gates: lust, anger, and greed.
– Bhagavad Gita

People say that getting angry don’t help anything but bottling it up doesn’t help either.

Submitted by: Nikita F.

The best fighter is never angry.
Lao Tzu

Anger doesn’t solve anything It builds nothing, but it can destroy everything

Anger is the fuel of loosing control.

Submitted by: Paul Dyerson

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