Anniversary Quotes and Sayings

Thank you for standing by me all these times…when you got us in trouble. Happy Anniversary!

If I had to do it all again I’d still marry you because you were pregnant.

Baby, even though you wake me up in the middle of the night with the most annoying snores, I still love you and everything you are. Happy Anniversary.

Thinking of my life without you makes me think of a calm life. But that would be so boring. Happy anniversary!

After all these years, I think that I got the better end of the deal. Thanks for putting up with me all these years.

Today we celebrate your most difficult accomplishment, staying married to me all these years.

Darling, I had a tear in my eye when I first saw you on our wedding. Like most men, I was wondering…Will she let me watch football? Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Let’s celebrate the day you gave up on finding anyone better than me.

I hope we can never afford a divorce.

It’s that magical time of the year again. Oh wait, it isn’t Christmas. It’s our anniversary!

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