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The best child training is being what you want your child to be.

Submitted by: mindy

Nothing has ever made me happy than inhaling in my daughter’s breath when she yawns. I wish she never stop.
I love my Bryanna.

Submitted by: I Fynn

When you smell a baby, it’s like taking a dip into Heaven itself.

Submitted by: Tara

Babies are bits of stardust blown from the hand of God.

Submitted by: Cynthia

Kids are great, til they grow up and turn into people.

Submitted by: vern


Submitted by: JOB THANTSHA

A baby’s smile can take away all the day’s tension off a man.

Submitted by: Viruslyke

You don’t know the meaning of true love till you have a baby..

Submitted by: Mira

1 child makes you happy
2 children makes you so busy
3 children makes you go crazy…

Baby Quote: 1 child makes you happy 2 children...

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Submitted by: angel

No one actually knows the love for a child till they have a grandchild of their own.

Baby Quote: No one actually knows the love for...

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Submitted by: Noelle

The day I gave birth to (baby’s name) was the best day ever, holding her in my arms for the first time is unforgettable. I love my baby girl and her daddy.

Submitted by: Vanessa

When I kiss a child, I feel the taste of heaven…

Submitted by: ZUHAIB MALIK

I hear every one say that they want to have babies… But till now I have not seen any- one that really knows wat they are getting into…
?believe me?

Submitted by: Dominique "luvin him"

Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.

Submitted by: Angel Meagan's Mom

Babies are the true and precious gift of God. Because there are no difference between a baby and God.
New born baby is like a fresh wall. Whichever color will be applied on it, it will give an impression accordingly. Choice is ours.

Baby Quote: Babies are the true and precious gift...

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Submitted by: Damod Karwal

Enjoy being a child, it only lasts for 18 years.

Submitted by: Dana

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