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Beauty has a lot to do with character.
– Kevyn Aucoin

Exterior beauty doesn’t last long. Interior beauty however lasts forever.

Submitted by: Francisca A. Nava

Even an ugly lady is the most beautiful in her own eyes.

Submitted by: UKA NNACHI

If you have God, you have beauty.

Submitted by: princess Pimi

The good thing about beauty, is that we all have it in our own way.

Submitted by: joseph bala yusuf

Beauty is a gift from God.

Submitted by: Raja zubair

Beauty is not everything, you gotta look at the personality to find the right person.

Submitted by: just me

Beauty is felt by the mind,
Personality is felt by the heart,
And the love for one is felt by both. <3

Submitted by: Kronos

Beauty is over rated!
Beauty is over desired…
Has anyone craved for goodness and purity the way they desire beauty?

Submitted by: Z.Mula

Beauty doesn’t exist without flaws.

Submitted by: Donica

Superficial beauty catches the attention but natural beauty keeps it.

Submitted by: Dylan & Gwyneth

You are beautiful. Know this. Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply lying. You are beautiful.
Steve Maraboli

A girl may not look beautiful on the outside, but you haven’t seen her inside, yet. So don’t judge her before you get to know her.

Submitted by: Stacie

Busy with the the expensive success we forget the free beauty.
Dejan Stojanovic

Submitted by: Dejan Stojanovic

People waste time and money on plastic surgery but what people need to know it’s not the outside that counts.

Submitted by: Milliemoo

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.:)

Submitted by: Stella Sesay

Beauty is but skin deep. Who wants to look any further anyway!

Submitted by: graham

Why don’t you try swallowing some of that make- up and being pretty on the inside?

Submitted by: Kayla~

I Totally Not Agree About Beauty Is Only Skin Deep…
I Don’t See Any Beauty In A Skeleton… DUHHHH

Submitted by: Mark Sipot

Some of the ugliest people I know are physically beautiful.

Submitted by: Liz Chaney

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