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Why don’t you try swallowing some of that make- up and being pretty on the inside?

Submitted by: Kayla~

I Totally Not Agree About Beauty Is Only Skin Deep…
I Don’t See Any Beauty In A Skeleton… DUHHHH

Submitted by: Mark Sipot

Some of the ugliest people I know are physically beautiful.

Submitted by: Liz Chaney

You are not beautifull until you have put on your smile

Submitted by: Pixie

God, if you can’t make me skinny, please make my friends fat.

Submitted by: stefanie

You only see beauty when you want to see it.

Submitted by: daniel shenkute

If you can look in the mirror each day and say…”I am proud of the person I am.”…Then you look good!

Submitted by: Stacey D.

The only beautiful woman in the world is who loves me.

Submitted by: Piyush

Beauty is something that you don’t have to make a conscious effort to show because you can’t hide it.

Submitted by: Robert Moore

Ugliness is superior to beauty, as ugliness lasts.

Submitted by: Jane

Beauty isn’t in what makes you look at something the first time, but in what makes you look again.

Submitted by: Higher-Understanding

Beauty lasts a moment, ugly just goes on and on and on..

Submitted by: d0ds0t

What is the use of beauty if the brain is empty, well then what is the use of knowledge if your face is damaged.

Submitted by: KJA

Real beauty is not seen by looking at the person but by looking at the reflection they cast on others.

Submitted by: junior

The heart will never look beautiful…unless one thinks like a cannibal.

Submitted by: shiela

Beauty doesn’t come from the persons face. Nor the body. But what’s inside the heart matters most.
– thought by Jazmine !! (:

Submitted by: Jazminee,Lovee

It is beautiful to see an individual express themselves, as themselves. It is much harder to be someone else, than to just be yourself. Find yourself & you will find true beauty!
Talk a moment to look in the mirror each day and declare, ” I am beautiful”!
Truly, you are!

Submitted by: Lavish

Beauty without character is like a vessel without water, it will make unnecessary sounds.


Each person looks different, even twins and somebody out there thinks you are the most beautiful thing on earth; caking yourself in makeup only hides that beauty and tells others that you are self conscious, and aren’t proud the way you look. So just be yourself. This way you aren’t cheating those silly people who only love for the looks and you aren’t cheating yourself. After all, you want to be loved for who you are, not who you can be.

Submitted by: Delilah Quin Geraldine

Beauty is skin deep.

Submitted by: altrin

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