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If a guy “likes/loves” you for being beautiful, it shouldn’t be for being “flawless”, or having a nice body. The most beautiful thing is your confidence and personality. If he doesn’t love you for that he is clearly blind.

Beauty Quote: If a guy “likes/loves” you for being...

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Submitted by: Ethan Chan

Everyone is beautiful…don’t worry what they look like.

Submitted by: Everyone

Why is it people only notice your inner beauty if you possess outer beauty?

Submitted by: Kirsty

Your looks doesn’t make you pretty, it’s the person inside you that makes you pretty.

Submitted by: Sarah M.

Looking Beautiful Is Nothing If You Don’t Feel Beautiful.

Submitted by: Alexis

Being truly yourself is the definition of beauty.

Submitted by: giselle

A blind man can see beauty inside the heart and not the mask you wear.

Submitted by: Isachloe Jace

Beauty comes from within.

Submitted by: sayde

When all else fails just remember: Smile, Be Beautiful, But most importantly be yourself. <3

Submitted by: Kalyn

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.:)

Submitted by: Stella Sesay

Simplicity is beauty.

Submitted by: aeshani Bella

Even an ugly lady is the most beautiful in her own eyes.

Submitted by: UKA NNACHI

Pretty is what you are, beauty is what you do with it.

Submitted by: Carly

Beauty is subjective. How can any one define it for someone else?

Submitted by: Lalaina Hoshor

Our flaws are what makes up our individuality.

Submitted by: annonmous

Sometimes simple things display the most beauty.

Submitted by: Courtney

The good thing about beauty, is that we all have it in our own way.

Submitted by: joseph bala yusuf

Believe That You Are Beautiful… No One Else’s Opinion Is Required.(:

Submitted by: Sammi

Remove the dirt inside and be beautiful in and out.

Submitted by: floreses

To know what beauty is truly is, see a blind man fall in love.

Submitted by: Jean Marc Volcy

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