Being Used Quotes and Sayings

If a guy cheats on another girl for you, he’s more than likely to cheat on you for somebody else. As they always say, Once a cheater…always a cheater!

I wish I could be a white crayon, so no one would use me.

I try so hard to keep you happy, but all you do is bring me down.
– Alisha Monique

Hate that feeling you get when you know someone has used you.

Don’t come running back to me when you get treated the same way you treated me.

I’m always there for you, for every silly little detail of your life. But when I need you, you couldn’t care less.

The feeling of being used…I guess it’s better then being forgotten.
– Joan L Trejo

He got what he wanted from you now he doesn’t care that you exist, just stop wasting your time trying to talk to him.

When you finally realize you didn’t matter at all to someone, you begin to wonder if you matter to anyone.

Always getting taken for granted as a friend or being used.


I hate being used by people who you thought were your friends.

You’re playing with my heart and it’s getting pretty lame. Decide what you want; the girl or the game.

My heart is not a playground, go play somewhere else.\

Playing with someone’s heart just shows there’s nothing in yours.

You treated me like a option, so I left you with a choice.

Most of the people are only in our lives for THEIR benefit, as soon as your role is done, they move on to someone else like it’s nothing.

I was the one who was building you up while you were knocking me down.

With all the toys in the world people choose feelings to play with.
– Tyga

I’m so confused. I don’t know if I’m doing anything right. I’m so bruised. I don’t know what to do. I’m just sick of being used.

There is no point in filling a woman’s head up and leading her on if you don’t see a future with her.
– Diana Baybiee

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