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I’m not a toy, you can’t just drop me when you get bored.

Playing with someone’s heart just shows there’s nothing in yours.

I’m a person, not a game. so dont play me.

Cheating is easy. Try something more like being faithful.
– Don Kel

You said you needed a little time…it’s funny how you used that time to have me replaced.

Some guys will tell you they love you, and won’t even know your favorite color.

Some people are in your life just because things are going good for you, but when everything goes bad they are nowhere to be found.

My heart is like a welcome mat. People use it, walk all over it, kick it, and leave.

I hate playing games. I want love where there’s actual flames.

If he only wants you for one thing, then remind him of the one reason you left him for a person who wants you for a million things.
– Amber Rose Whitaker

Don’t play with someone’s heart if you have no purpose for a serious relationship.

People aren’t toys. You can’t just play with them, and put them back in the box when you’re finished.

I’m tired of breaking down. I’m tired of this silly game. I’m done and giving up. Sorry, I guess you need to look for a new play toy.
– Taryn Styles

If a girl sleeps with you on the first date, she’s probably not interested in seeing you again after.

Sometimes people use thought to not participate in life.
– Stephen Chbosky

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