Being Used Quotes and Sayings

Your heart isn’t plastic.. and it isn’t a toy… but if you want it broken, give it to a boy!

Oh. So you chose a hoe for the night over the love of your life? Good choice.

Talk to me when you actually want to talk to me. Not when you’re bored and want to be entertained.

Sometimes people use thought to not participate in life.
– Stephen Chbosky

People who take too much are always on the hunt for people who give too much.
Alan Robert Neal

You never loved me, you loved the control you had over me and my emotions…when I took back the key to my heart, you went looking for it like you remembered the last place you set it and no one would be able to move it.

I feel like I’m a library book. I’ve been used, tossed around, and put down. I’m just waiting for someone who think I’m good enough to keep.

Before you count your friends, make sure you can count on them. Some friends are only around when they want something from you but are never there when you need something from them.

For you, she was a chapter. For her, you were the book.

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