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Sometimes going with the flow is not always a good thing, but are you strong enough to swim away from the current?

Submitted by: Quotes-r-my-life!

Just change what is bad about you not because you want to please other people but for you to be a better person.

Submitted by: kit

Be who you choose to be not who others choose to see.

Submitted by: roxy

No one ever became great by imitation. Imitation is limitation. Do not be a copy of something. Make your own impression.

Submitted by: brownsugar

Be what you want to be, not what others want to see.

Submitted by: Katie

When you put on a mask who are you fooling yourself or others. Its like playing solitaire and cheating, who wins?

Submitted by: Derrick

You can not experience anything outside of yourself. So let go of everyone and everything else around you and just be you.

Submitted by: Natasha

Don’t pretend to be something you know you’re not, you are you & if no one understands that then they don’t know you at all.

Submitted by: ashlee

You can never get anything done in this world if you don’t LOVE yourself.

Submitted by: Laiskie

People tell me I’m walking the wrong path to life, and that I should get with everyone else but I tell them, I make wrong turns and I get lost, but that’s okay because I would prefer to be alone and different than to be just like you.

Submitted by: Schmee

We have all been placed on this earth to discover our own path, and we will never be happy if we live someone else’s idea of life!

Submitted by: Chloe Paulsen

If you walk in the footprints of others, you won’t make any of your own.

Submitted by: Jackson

Show people who you really are so they get to know the real you and not someone you are trying to be!

Submitted by: Kenz

You’re the author AND illustrator of your life…don’t plagiarize.

Submitted by: Rachel

Be yourself and no one can take your place.

Submitted by: sheila

A life living by mistakes made from your own choices is better than a life living by mistakes made by someone else’s choices.
Only the dead Fish go with the flow.

Submitted by: Leigh

You are the most important persons in this world. No one can play your role better than you.

Submitted by: amar

Your opinion of me is none of my business.

Submitted by: Lexi

Why Blend In?… When I Was Born To Stand Out.

Submitted by: Jeffery quattlebaum

Be who you want to be not what others want to see.

Submitted by: LoVeOnThEoUtSiDe

Be who you want to be, not who others choose to see.

Submitted by: Cathy

The best way to be.. Is to be yourself.

Submitted by: rachel

Just be yourself… Nobody’s worth copying …

Submitted by: LiLa

Why try so hard to fit in when you’re born to stand out.

Submitted by: someone

Do what you want and say what you Want, because those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind.

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