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If you are lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change.
– Taylor Swift

Being Yourself Quote: If you are lucky enough to be...

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Submitted by: Trisha

Don’t think about the things people say about you, if you are who you really are, that’s enough, you’re beautiful the way you are, Don’t go around looking for other fishes in the sea thinking you can try to be one of them.

Being Yourself Quote: Don’t think about the things people say...

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Submitted by: Ali

I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.

If someone says you’re like this you’re like that!

Speak to them saying:
Who cares?! I want to be me as long as I’m me and who are you to judge me? Before you judge me make sure you’re perfect than God!!!

Submitted by: Just_Quotes

Be who you choose to be not who others choose to see.

Being Yourself Quote: Be who you choose to be not...

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Submitted by: roxy

I don’t live my life to please anyone. I don’t care what anyone thinks, if you don’t like me, don’t talk to me – problem solved.

Being Yourself Quote: I don’t live my life to please...

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Submitted by: gloria baroro

We have all been placed on this earth to discover our own path, and we will never be happy if we live someone else’s idea of life!

Being Yourself Quote: We have all been placed on this...

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Submitted by: Chloe Paulsen

I don’t wish to be the symbol of anything. I’m only myself.
Ayn Rand

Being Yourself Quote: I don’t wish to be the symbol...

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Nothing brings you joy like being yourself.

Submitted by: Leo

Accept me for who I am or just leave me.
Because I am not going to change for you when few people who truly understands me like me for me.

Submitted by: Rishabh Rastogi

This is my life, don’t tell me how to live it.

Submitted by: Lauren

I’m an original so have fun making a copy. <3

Submitted by: Natasha

I am just simply being me, not imitating anything or anyone. If you don’t like it then you will just have to live with it because am not trying to impress you in any way.

Submitted by: precious

When you put on a mask who are you fooling yourself or others. Its like playing solitaire and cheating, who wins?

Submitted by: Derrick

Being yourself is an honor. Because nobody else can be you.

Submitted by: Helen

Just be yourself. Every one is beautiful/cute in their own way!

Submitted by: destani

I am special, no one can be me, that is why my fingerprints are mine and mine alone. Don’t try to be me.

Submitted by: donna

What I hate about myself is that I’m so reserved and don’t talk too much, but one thing I love so much is that it’s more honorable to be quiet than to tell a lie; it’s all a way of being just myself.

Submitted by: isuwa-fm

You are one of a kind so they can not judge you so just be yourself and live your life not others’.

Submitted by: Julie

Live authentically. Why would you continue to compromise something that’s beautiful to create something that is fake.
Steve Maraboli

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