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If you asked me right now who I trust more than anyone else I would say my best friend. If you asked me right now who I love the most in the world I would say my best friend. If you asked me who I go to hell and back for I would say my best friend. If you asked me who comes running when I need her I would say my best friend. If you asked me who the crazy chick with mental issues is I would say that’s my best friend and be careful…If you hurt me, she owns a gun.

Submitted by: Sam+y

Your best friend is the one you knew your whole life. The one that you held hands with when you crossed the street. The one who you traded your outfits with. The one that put your heart back together when it is broken. The one who knew what you were thinking before you said it out loud. The one that knew the ending to all your stories. Your best friend is the one that you will never forget whether you knew her or him your whole life or if you just met that amazing person last night.

Submitted by: catherine

The time I spend with you is priceless and no one can give me that other than you, my best friend.

Submitted by: alejandra

True friends will always be there when you’re in trouble.

Submitted by: kelvin

I’ve read three pages of these and tears are in my eyes, not because they are sad but because they are true. My best friend does walk in my door and says I’m home. These are all true. Best friends send these back and forth.

Submitted by: smash

You know that one friend who comes and stays at your house for weeks. Eats your food. Call your parents their parent, that friend became family.

Submitted by: tigerlily

A friend will ask “Do you want to dance”, but a best friend will take you by the arm and say “dance like it’s the last night of your life.”

Submitted by: bobalina

Friends borrow your stuff, give it back the next day. Best friends borrow your stuff, and several months later at a sleep over, hey those are my pj’s… Really?!

Submitted by: Charity

Best Friends…they are the ones who beat up the boys that break your heart.

Submitted by: Abbey

Good friends laugh nervously at your dumbest jokes, Best friends will look at you and say “Really?”

Submitted by: Kyra+Whitney=BFFL'S

True friends… You only need a few.

Submitted by: marylin

Friends will come and go but true friends are there all along!(:

Submitted by: dana trahan

Even on those days I feel like hiding and crawling into a hole. You still drag me out always knowing how to ruin a good bad mood.

Submitted by: Shannon

A good flashlight = 25 dollars
Running through the woods in the dark with your best friend holding hands and screaming because you’re scared= PRICELESS:)

Submitted by: Angela

A friend will add you on Facebook, but one day will remove you. But a best friend will never remove you even if they have not seen you in years.

Submitted by: Carly

Best friends and worst hangovers always stay together!

Submitted by: Bharath

There is a time where you stop being friends and you become sisters.

Submitted by: tater

Me without you?!?
Are you kidding.?
That’s like a Fat Kid
Passing up a Happy meal.!?

Submitted by: Ashleyy ?

A real friend will be there when you’re lonely a fake friend will just say it’s OK and leave.
A real friend never talk behind yo back a fake friend will.

Submitted by: miranda

No matter how many times you and your best friend argue or have a fuss, you will always fix it and makeup a day later, even an hour later. Because you realize how important your best friend is to you and you can’t survive a second without them.

Submitted by: cocohannalovesu

Experiencing things with others is often more enjoyable than experiencing them alone. It is your relationships that add depth to your experiences, gives meaning to your actions, and provides hope for tomorrow.
When you look around and your world is crumbling or when you think no one loves you, your best friend is the one to run to you.

Submitted by: rdheart

A best friend is someone you can totally act yourself around.

Submitted by: yuli

You can forget everything in your life, but never forget your true friends.

Submitted by: bashir messi yankaba

If you and a friend were fighting over a cookie,
A friend would split it in half and share it.
A best friend would snatch it and shove the whole thing in their mouth!

Submitted by: ashley

A true friend is someone you can tell your problems and secrets to and know they won’t go running off and tell other people.

Submitted by: nikki

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