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A best friend knows how to help you when you need help

Submitted by: flyinghighonrootbeer

A friend is your soul, without them you won’t ever find yourself

Submitted by: Annalise

My friend is my life with out him my life is nothing!

Submitted by: Jo-Ann

Friends make us younger.

Submitted by: Rosalita

When a best friend moves across the country… Buy more unlimited texting .

Submitted by: Rosalita

A best friend looks past your flaws and sees the gorgeous person underneath.

Submitted by: Ashley

Why do we have Friends? To see the better side of us…

Submitted by: chamzee gal

Best friends are those who stay by your side…
Even if it means staying after school in the dark hallways, trying to open up your lockers.

Submitted by: Kyra

I don’t have friends, my friends are my family.

Submitted by: Tiger

Friends listen to what you say…best friends listen to what you don’t say.

Submitted by: Anonymous

Friends are the best,Forget about the rest

Submitted by: xBlossom-Girlx

True love is falling in love with your best friend..
and then, you will find the true meaning of happiness. :)

Submitted by: `.SENiORiTA.MAiMAi.o8.`

I used to be normal…then I ran into you…who I call…my Best Friend!!!

Submitted by: Erika

A best friend rides in your car no matter how many times you nearly killed them.

Submitted by: JACKIE

Friends of the heart are friends forever

Submitted by: irene

A friend is someone who you can tease, call you stupid and get away with it easily. A person who can laugh at your mistakes and makes fun of you but still chooses to stay by your side.

Submitted by: nia

A true friend will be there when you fall, or when you cry they will catch the tear, or sit with your sad, and even help you up when you down!!

Submitted by: abbi babi

A true friend is the one who can discriminate the tears of happiness and sadness…

Submitted by: hk

Many people walk in and out of your life, but only true friends leave foot prints in your heart

Submitted by: Teah monique

Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

Submitted by: Teah monique

Friends are flowers that grow in the garden of life, first it starts as a seed, then grows into a friendship.

Submitted by: Teah-monique

A friend is someone who has seen you in your worst, but still sees the best in you.;)
ily for being there maggie.(:

Submitted by: xlovex

Friends are like chocolate!
Sure, you could live without them, but you’d be living your life totally incomplete.

Submitted by: Jojobean

A best friend is someone who will talk bad about your ex- boyfriend’s new girlfriend, even if she doesn’t think those things about her, just to make you feel better about yourself.

Submitted by: Jojobean

The only people you need in your life are the ones that need you in theirs..
you always need a best friend..

Submitted by: em..

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