Best Friend Quotes, Sayings for BFFs

A true friend is the one who can discriminatethe tears of happiness and sadness…

Submitted by: hk

Best Friends- friends that don’t care to act crazy out in public and don’t care who see’s.& when your heart is riped open your girl is there to put a band- aid over it to make it feel better :)

Submitted by: erika matthews

A friend is someone who always knows how to make you smile even if you don’t feel like it
thats what you are to me celine I love you

Submitted by: jill

It’s impossible to lose a best friend because they will always be on your mind.

Submitted by: Warona T. Thekwini

Good friends console you when you forget your swimsuit at a pool party. Best friends push you in anyways.

Submitted by: Molly Rose

A friend corrects you when you make a mistake, a best friend laughs at you when you make a mistake.
A friend asks if they can have something to eat, a best friend goes to your fridge and eats whatever they want.

Submitted by: Katie

The best mirror in the world is an old friend.

Submitted by: Tara

Best friends don’t need to say stuff…they understands & say stuff by looking at each other. When things get wrong…they don’t need to say anything…they can look into the eyes & figure out what’s wrong.
Don’t make a friend who will say..”We shouldn’t do that, that’s bad…let’s go out of here”.
Make a best friend who will say…”Let the bad things happen after we get some fun time, we will forget the day…but we will always remember we did it TOGETHER” <3

Submitted by: nimmy

A best friend will lend you his/her most personal things and telling you “It’s yours too !”

Submitted by: emelyn

When you say you want some “alone time”, a friend will let you have your space, but a best friend will hug and bother you until they get the truth.:)

Submitted by: kitty kat

After getting into a fight with your friend you stop being friend.
after getting into a fight with your BESTFRIEND you get even closer.
i love you chrissy and ashlyn.

Submitted by: ~nicole~

The time I spend with you is priceless and no one can give me that other than you, my best friend.

Submitted by: alejandra

A friend will add you on Facebook, but one day will remove you. But a best friend will never remove you even if they have not seen you in years.

Submitted by: Carly

With best friends; it won’t matter how promises have been broken. How many times you’ve been over. What matters is who said, I’ll be there for you- and proved it.

Submitted by: andi!

A friend will say “I’m right behind you” but a true friend will be right beside you holding your hand the whole way.
My best friends are the type of people I can always count on. They will be there when I need someone to talk to, and even when I can’t talk to them, I know that they are there for me!

Submitted by: Laikyn

Best friends are always there to back you up and catch you when you fall.

Submitted by: Emma

Me and my best friend are closer than sisters, no words can describe us.

Submitted by: jeriahj

A best friend can tell what you really feel even when you are pretending.

Submitted by: Gia

Best friends may argue about dumb reasons, but with a long hug, everything gets resolved. I LOVEEE U AUTUMN!!! Best Friends 4eva!!!

Submitted by: Ninja

A best friend is someone you do everything with and never get bored. Love my best friends cay and shanz.

Submitted by: jay

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