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You still care.

Break Up Quote: You still care.

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Submitted by: Jessy

Breakups hurt, but losing someone who doesn’t respect and appreciate you is actually a gain, not a loss.

Break Up Quote: Breakups hurt, but losing someone who doesn’t...

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I am a good enough person to forgive you, but not stupid enough to trust you again.

Submitted by: annonymous

Ok so me and my boyfriend of 9 months just broke up because HE MISSED HIS EX GIRLFRIEND OF 3 YEARS…im torn apart…i miss him and all his friends are my friends and I just can’t stand the thought of them being together…someone please help me…i am so LOST

Submitted by: Katie

Oh you’re dating my ex? I’m eating a sandwich, you want those leftovers too?

Submitted by: RatedG

Dear Cupid,
We have to talk about your aim.

Submitted by: the CHICK!

Love travels in every tear shead from your eye so go ahead and cry

Submitted by: JESSIKA

The worst thing bout loving you was watching you love someone else

Submitted by: you rock my sox

Got to keep myself calm but the truth is you’re gone and I’ll never get to show you these songs.
– The script.

Submitted by: Manny

Sometimes breaking up is just another way to say, “Open your eyes and use your mind”.

Submitted by: anabhu

I’m done. I’m done texting you first. I’m done hoping you’ll call and I’m done crying myself to sleep. You’re just not worth it anymore.

The more you love someone, the more they can hurt you.

Submitted by: holly

You never realize how much you love someone, until they are gone.

Submitted by: Dylan

When our heart is broken why do we always find ourselves chasing after the one who broke it?

Submitted by: Kiley Jo

I once heard that love is friendship sacrificed but if it is true love you will make that risk.
Sometimes you think you’ve gotten over a person but when you see them you suddenly realize you’re just pretending you got over it to erase the pain of knowing they’ll never be yours.
I wish dreams were like wishes, and wishes came true, cause in my dreams I’m always with you.
Sometimes I wish I had never met you because then I could go to sleep at night not knowing there was someone like you out there.
Should I smile cuz ur my friend or cry cuz that’s all we’ll ever be??
“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” – Franklin P. Jones
What do you do when the one you like doesnt like you back? forget them? it doesnt work…i’ve tried
“Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do and damned if you don’t ”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Submitted by: broken angel

If you love something, set it free if it comes back, it was meant to be. If it continues to fly, let it soar, have faith that God has something better in store.

Submitted by: In love with the freshman

I’m alright.
I’ll be ok.
Some how.
Some way.

Submitted by: samantha

Not even a bandaid could heal a broken heart…
All your words are saying to me is “Give me what I want and I’ll go away.”
Love is a two way road. Once broken each half goes a separate way.
You left me alone in darkness crying tears of memories.
You chose the the way to light by yourself, over saving both of our darkened hearts.
Kiss my eyes and lay my heart to sleep…
All I can hear is either you laughing at my broken heart, or you walking away telling me to act as if you never existed.

Submitted by: Crystal

You may not know why, but it had to stop for a good reason: It was never meant to be.

Submitted by: Meg

I agree with all of you. These quotes made me cry. I never cry. But, for some people out there, I don’t agree with you. Guys are worth crying over. If they are someone you really love. And we will all go through it one day.

Submitted by: One good friend is all it takes.

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