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Never believe a married man is unhappy. Don’t get sucked in.
They promise you the world.
He tells you his plan to leave her.
She finds out about you.
Kicks him out.
He comes to live with you.
She begs him to go back as his kids (over 16) needs him. She needs him.
He goes back. He decides you were a mistake.
Wife and him never been so happy.
Morale of story. Not sure I’m still in shock.

Submitted by: Tessenta

My heart is aching. Tears in my eyes are rolling. My mind is filled with thoughts. My eyes are filled with tears.
I wish he understands how I felt for him.

Submitted by: emily

Dear boys, break up with me watch me cry on shoulders of people who care a lot about me, those people guys and girls will be my shoulders through every thing you put me through and I love them so much but I love you more that’s why I cry because I love you a lot and you don’t realize that.
I hate you and everything you do but what I really hate is that this isn’t true I don’t hate you. I just love you so much that I hate myself to not let you go.
I don’t miss him I miss who he was when we were in love. A guy just can’t change his mind from one day to ‘I love you and miss you so much’ to the next day ‘I don’t love you’ like you or have any feelings for you that’s what kills a girl.
If she still loves you after you break her heart I guarantee she is the one so stop her tears and be with the one.

Submitted by: alyssa

I wish I wasn’t in love with you so you couldn’t hurt me.

Submitted by: drea

Sometimes I just want to disappear to see what you will do, what you will think, how you will react. Then I realize nothing will change because in your mind I disappeared when you said we are through.
Did you ever even love me or did you just want to put on a show. Well here’s the encore.
Why do I feel so guilty when he’s the one that broke my heart?
God plans for certain things to happen to us but I don’t get it. Why would he want to break my heart. People also say we can stray from the light of God. If that’s so, is it my fault we broke up? Or is it just God’s plan?.

Submitted by: Chelsey

You didn’t kill me. You just made me stronger.

Submitted by: Daphne

It’s all Cinderella’s fault. She put all these fairy tales into little girls heads. Now look what happened. Everyone’s heart is broken. And it’s all thanks to good old Cinderella and her “Once upon a time. Happily ever after.”

Submitted by: Christal

Why am I crying? He’s the one that missed out!

Submitted by: Lacey

I thought I was alright because I knew you didn’t love me.
I thought I was alright because I knew we probably weren’t meant to be.
But you meant a lot to me.
And I knew I wasn’t okay when I watched you walk away.

Submitted by: Lucy

Walking into each other is easy. Walking away is the hardest.

Submitted by: Kara

Breaking up with that one person you loved so much is going to be hard, missing them is the worst part. Walking down the street and suddenly they’re there, again, in your mind, a memory of what you once did together. Wishing you were still there, you feel like breaking down, like your never going to meet anyone else like them ever again.
Honestly though, time is the greatest healer, stay positive, think of all the bad things he/she did, try thinking of the worst sides to them and how you felt at that time. Exercise is one of the greatest things you can ever do when you’ve just broken up in really is, you start feeling more happier about yourself and more confident. Don’t worry, love will always happen again and it will work forever if he/shes the one. Stay strong people. :)

Submitted by: danielle

The hardest part of a break up is trying to show him you don’t care.

Submitted by: joetta

S(he)’s br(ok)en because s(he) be(lie)ve(d).

Submitted by: lynn

If they said he’s not worth my tears, why am I crying?
It’s just four little words but it hurts so much.
I saw it coming but what I didn’t see was how much you truly meant to me.

Submitted by: Gracelynn

Girl meets boy.
Girl falls hard.
Boy doesn’t even stumble.

Submitted by: Tabby

It took months and years to get over you, I thought I would be ok cos I was over you, and then you grabbed me, looked me in the eyes, and kissed me, my knees got so weak, it felt like the very first time you kissed me and told me you loved me, you said this time you won’t hurt me, but then I laughed cos I forgot how good of a liar you are, but now here I am trying to get over you and your with another girl ! I don’t know how to get over you now, but I know I have to :( I just need to figure out how to let go.

Submitted by: Ashleey

It’s hard on the person who leaves. But it’s harder on the one left behind.

Submitted by: Gentlemans-Problems

Men are not emotionless entities that just go around breaking hearts. We get hurt too.

Submitted by: Gentlemans-Problems

I never cheated, lied, manipulated you, or lay my hands on you, yet you broke up with me over something so small n petty. Then I realized this was meaningless to you.

Submitted by: Gentlemen-Problems

There is only one thing I can say to all of you. Yes guys are worth crying over if you truly love them, but if they leave you just remember there is always someone so much better out there for you.
Trust me. I have experience with this!
Hope I help in someway!:)

Submitted by: Unknown

And when you begin to miss me, don’t forget it was you who let me go.

Submitted by: Elisa

You too will burn in the same way you have burnt me in your false love.

Submitted by: Neerja suneja

I’m out of tears for you.

Submitted by: Hayley.N

When I close my eyes I can still feel your hand holding mine.

Submitted by: bekah

I may be not so important to you in your life but you are very important to my life, without you I am nothing.

Submitted by: navin

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