Break Up Quotes, Sayings about break ups

You lied and manipulated your way to my heart, I trusted you blindly with everything… Then you went ahead and tore everything we had apart… And then you blamed me as you walked away.

Submitted by: Noone

Maybe you weren’t even worth my time.? Maybe I’m stupid for wanting you. Maybe I a retard for begging for you back, or maybe I just fell too hard for someone who is not strong enough to catch me.

Submitted by: Sam

S(he’s) Br(ok)en.

Submitted by: Krystal

I’m sorry you broke my heart…and I’m not apologizing to you, I just want you to witness as I apologize to myself for giving my heart to the wrong person!

Submitted by: not sorry

Being a broken hearted is not the end of the world…a good tip is..never be alone…always be around friends! Don’t get drunk!!!! You’ll feel the pain more!!!! Never do anything stupid…Don’t think too’ll get over it…

Submitted by: amber

I gave you my heart for a while but when you gave it back it was in pieces.

Submitted by: Cortney Bissessar

Love may last for just a moment but memory can make that moment last forever.

Submitted by: Sivan

My mind says give up, but my heart says go on.

Submitted by: bLack_ash21

First, you love me
Then, I love you
After, you don’t love me anymore
Now, why I still love you?

Submitted by: Amy

Saying “we can still be friends” is like saying “the puppy is dead but I’m still taking it for a walk”.

Submitted by: millie

They are also scary. New crushes lead to new dates which lead to new relationships which lead to new breakups.

Once you realize what you had was good, I’ll be long gone.

It’s hard to let the one you love go ;( but ladies you have to be independent. If he’s not worth your tears, then he is definitely not worth your time. But tell him how you feel, it’s good to express yourself.:)

Submitted by: Talia

I’m not heartless, after some experience in life I use my heart less.

Submitted by: Mini

I was over him until it was time for me to go to bed, everything just fell apart.

Submitted by: Elli

You know why divorces are so expensive- Because they are worth it !

Submitted by: Ben

How to let go when your heart won’t?

Submitted by: gemmy girl

It’s better to be alone than sit beside your lover feeling lonely.

Submitted by: kimchi

Never Regret The Love That You Had Because At One Piont…
You Wanted IT…

Submitted by: Brenna

If the truth was told instead of a lie, then the pain would go away sooner and not hurt as much.

Submitted by: Maria Vu

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