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I never wanna listen to any song anymore, since we broke up, especially love ones, cos they always make me miss you and even weep for you.. But the thing is I can’t help stop thinking about you. Its the only thing I can do when I’m alone :(

Submitted by: 12cuhappy n just12cuhappy

Just Move On, If He Wants you He Will Come Back.

Submitted by: nana

If you’re about to let go of someone, remember why you held on soo long in the first place. Why would you hold on to something you didnt want?

Submitted by: chelsa

Sometimes you have to smile pretend like everything is okay, hold back the tears and just walk away!

Submitted by: Gabriela

I don’t get it? He broke my heart but… I still love him with all my heart.

Submitted by: karla

If I like something,then I try to go away from that thing because if I like it a lot,it goes away from me!

Submitted by: sushil mahadik

Let your tears come.Let them water your soul.
– Eileen Mayhew

How do you get over someone you never really had?

Submitted by: abby

I’m moving on. I am not going to keep flying solo in this two pilot plane.
– Malloy

Submitted by: malloy

You told me I shouldn’t be upset, but how is that possible when you were all I wanted and now every day I get to see you with her?

Submitted by: Kiley Jo

Once you have loved someone, you’d do anything in the world for them… Except love them again.

Submitted by: Some one

When you can give someone else my place in your life, then someone else also can take your place in my life.

Submitted by: mysterious girl

I hate being loved now, as my love is loved by someone else !!!!!

Submitted by: ROHIT CHANDRA

Don’t feel guilty, you should have felt it before.
Break Up Quote: Don’t feel guilty, you should have felt...

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Submitted by: broken pieces

“its easier to be a little girl cuz scraped knees hurt less than a broken heart”
it’s the most horrible feeling to realize the one you love doesn’t feel the same…i wish the pain would go away

Submitted by: julieanna

Being with the no one is better than being with the wrong one.

Submitted by: Nik Zulhilmi Afiq

Love screws us all.

Submitted by: Charne

Yeah, I know that there are girls prettier than me, smarter than me, nicer than me. But you didn’t have to cheat on me, I would have rather you broke up with me than find out you where cheating, it just made it hurt worse. So tell me, why am I still so in love with you???

Submitted by: Ri

He left me without a word not even a bye, now hes gone, I don’t know were, all I know is that he took my smile with him.

Submitted by: no-one

When I look at you, I wanna be able to see that you care. When I think about you I wanna believe you aren’t what people know you as. But the truth is when I do look at you I see the boy who didnt care enough to handle my heart with care. And when I do think about you, I remember that you are just a player. Always have been and always will be.
This goes to the one boy I have ever loved…

Submitted by: Mackenzie

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