Bullying Quotes, Sayings about bullies - Page 2

What’s the point of bullying?

You think suicide is cowardly? I’ll tell you what’s cowardly. Hurting someone so much that they want to end their lives.

Don’t be the bystander be the hero.

Submitted by: Mallory

Calling others ugly won’t make you any prettier;
Calling others fat won’t make you thinner;
Appearance shouldn’t matter.
It isn’t big to make make others feel small!
So how do you benefit from bullying others and making them miserable?
Stop bullying!

Submitted by: becky'xo

Don’t bully people because of how they look, talk, and act, God made them who they are.

Submitted by: Yasmine

Be careful who you bully. They may be the ones saving you tomorrow.

Submitted by: phillip

Bullies thrive wherever authority is weak.

Stop bullying. No one deserves to feel worthless.

No one deserves to be bullied. You have no idea what goes on in that person’s life. It’s such a big issue that people commit suicide because of it. To people that get bullied stay strong.
– Korina Aguilar

It isn’t big to make make others feel small.

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