Quotes and Sayings about Cats

As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat.

It’s very hard to be polite if you’re a cat.

A cat is like a recipe – you always think it’s yours.

If cats understood technology and had opposable thumbs, they’d rule the world.
– P.C. Cast

“Meow” means “woof” in cat.
George Carlin

Cats are like potato chips you can’t have just one.

Submitted by: Amber

Cats are so purr-fect!!!!

Submitted by: Angie

Cats leave paw prints on our hearts.

Submitted by: Angie

When my cats aren’t happy, I’m not happy. Not because I care about their mood but because I know they’re just sitting there thinking up ways to get even.
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Time spent with cats is never wasted.

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