Clever Quotes and Sayings - Page 7


Whether you’re first or last in the queue depends which way your looking

Submitted by: Richard

If you’re going through hell, just keep going.

Submitted by: Kurisushyne

If life is so hard how come so many idiots are doing it?

Submitted by: ben

The glass is neither half full nor half empty. It’s simply twice as big as it needs to be.

Submitted by: cnychu

No matter where you go, there you are!

Submitted by: StudyBuddy

Those who Know they do not Know that to Know is to Know what they do not Know!
– Ali Sina (Aveccina)

Submitted by: Shumaila

All is Legal. Untill U get Caught…

Submitted by: sumit

Never be afraid to try something new… An amateur built the ark that lasted forty days and forty nights; professionals built the titanic that sank.

Submitted by: Mikalah R.

Pain only means you’re still alive

Submitted by: marvin

Wise man talk because they have something to say,
fools talk because they have to say something.

Submitted by: cassah

If nobody is perfect then I must be a nobody

Submitted by: David

My teacher says that Bill Gate was a millionaire when he was of my age but he always forget that he was a trillionaire when he was of my teacher’s age ;- )

Submitted by: sourabh

Cleverness is what a guy has, well at least he’s got something besides brains!!!

Submitted by: abbey

The man is the head of the house !!!!
but the woman is the neck
and she can turn the head anyway she wants hehe

Submitted by: rosie d

Sometimes the most clever thing to say is nothing at all.

Submitted by: Teah monique

Problem free life never makes a strong person

Submitted by: ilyas

I never do anything by accident. I just like people to think I do.

Submitted by: starski

After one realises he’s been a fool,he’s not a fool annymore

Submitted by: Taulant From Kosovo

Don’t live in the past because the future may become your past fast!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by: Ingrid Whitaker

The search for love is like a blind man looking in a dark room for a black cat that was never there in the first place

Submitted by: kenneth barrow

Advice…a clever man doesnt need it…a fool won’t take it…

Submitted by: roshaan

The man that says he can’t and the man that says he can are both right!!

Submitted by: Makem Hate

Life is like a poker game… Gotta raise up the stakes!!!

Submitted by: J_Smooth

Fear is temporary, regret is forever.
“i think, therefore I am”

Submitted by: Should be doin hw lol :P

Strong men are strong, but no better then the rest, since they still die, as for the wise, they are no better then the rest of us since they still silently wonder.

Submitted by: Wonder Woman

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