Clever Quotes and Sayings - Page 8

If we do not ever take time how can we ever have time

Submitted by: Zorin

If your heart was really broken you would be dead so shut up.

Submitted by: kiara

Life has its ups and downs, use the ups to overcome the downs!

Submitted by: Roy

If you’re going through hell, just keep going.

Submitted by: Kurisushyne

Do you have a hole in your sock?
If not, how do you get your foot inside it? :)

Submitted by: Bob

Advice…a clever man doesnt need it…a fool won’t take it…

Submitted by: roshaan

Make love and not war
Or, find someone, marry them
And you can do both!

Submitted by: Paul Finkleman (the haikumedian)

A person who asks a question is a fool for 5 minutes..but a person who don’t is a fool forever.

Submitted by: kath

When in doubt, Google it.

Submitted by: anitac

The glass is neither half full nor half empty. It’s simply twice as big as it needs to be.

Submitted by: cnychu
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