Clever Quotes and Sayings - Page 8

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When he touched me, I was touched!

Submitted by: Samuel d great

Is the cup half empty or half full? Why hasn’t someone filled the cup already?

Submitted by: Adri

Visits always give pleasure…
If not the arrival, the departure.

Submitted by: Debbie DiSibio

To be old and wise, first you must be young and stupid .

Submitted by: Joe muffins

To do is to be. – Aristotle
To be is to do. – Jean Paul Sartre
Do be do be do. – Frank Sinatra

Submitted by: Ashley Rushbrook

I don’t get the relationship between guys and cars. I mean, they’re just hurting themselves. They stare at cars they’ll never have.

Submitted by: Bay420

You have to twist the vine to go where you want while it’s growing, not when it’s mature and you can’t train it to go where you want it to go.

Submitted by: Sonia Luis

If you can’t convince them, confuse them.

Submitted by: Nikki

I’m leery of people who like me.

Submitted by: Steve D'amico

When life throws you lemons, retaliate, throw watermelons!

Submitted by: Antonyo
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