Coffee Quotes and Sayings

Behind every successful woman a substantial amount of coffee.

Submitted by: xena

Without coffee, I have no personality whatsoever!

Submitted by: beauxaubex

Excitement in a cup!

Submitted by: John Hancock

Bean me up!

Submitted by: BingoBongo

I’m in pain. There’s no caffeine in may veins today.

Submitted by: josyBG

I cannot function in the morning with out my coffee. Therefore, if you want to talk to me, go buy me some coffee!

Submitted by: Bailey

COFFEE : Cup OF Finest Enjoyment Ever !!

Submitted by: eryg

Bury me with my coffee cup…

Submitted by: jubilee cardozo

Decaf?!? Aw no. Unleaded’s for cars!
Instant Human… Just add coffee.
I like my coffee like I like my ladies… Hot and sweet…

Submitted by: Robert

Just say NO to decaf!

Submitted by: Lilli

Coffee – My Coffee
Oh love of my life.
If I weren’t a woman…
I’d make you my wife!

Submitted by: Billie R

Coffee, like life… One sip at a time.

Submitted by: mwn

Nothing like that 12th cup of coffee in the morning, to get me started.

Submitted by: ZO6DRVR

A great day starts with a great coffee, A great coffee starts with a great bean.

Submitted by: Randy

A typical day in my life – Sleepless in the night > headache throughout the next day > coffee to overcome the headache > sleepless due to too much coffee!

Submitted by: Milind G

I love you but not as much as coffee.

Submitted by: ozkar

Give me some coffee and no one will get hurt!

Submitted by: ozkar

Coffee is not a beverage… It’s a moment of pleasure

Submitted by: maryam

Yes, I’m a coffee addict and I’m proud of it!

Submitted by: addiction

Coffee can’t cure everything, but it can cure the mornings!

Submitted by: aprilchimes

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