Coffee Quotes and Sayings - Page 4

Of the many ways to make a good cup of coffee, sheer accident is as good as any.

Submitted by: Zondii

Life without coffee is a life not lived.

Submitted by: Jessiebabe

Coffee helps me become sane and sensible, the absent of coffee in a day is the absence of the whole me.

Submitted by: Erinjake

I’m not human until I’ve had a coffee … Well, maybe 3 or 4.;- )

Submitted by: Jojo

Decaf is a waste of cream and sugar.

Submitted by: mary ellen

Coffee: Because sleep is for the weak.

Submitted by: Kaylis

Latte is French for “You just paid too much for your coffee”.

Submitted by: Brutus

Coffee is my lifesaver. The world looks so much better after a fresh cup of caffeine. Problems might be tolerated and my coping skills may improve – whatever the choice, coffee makes it better for me.

Submitted by: iktomi

Given enough coffee I could rule the world!

Submitted by: mom of three

Is there any thing better than a cup of a hot coffee?

Submitted by: Ammar Nasir
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