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Nothing like that 12th cup of coffee in the morning, to get me started.

Submitted by: ZO6DRVR

A great day starts with a great coffee, A great coffee starts with a great bean.

Submitted by: Randy

A typical day in my life – Sleepless in the night > headache throughout the next day > coffee to overcome the headache > sleepless due to too much coffee!

Submitted by: Milind G

I love you but not as much as coffee.

Submitted by: ozkar

Give me some coffee and no one will get hurt!

Submitted by: ozkar

Coffe is not a beverage… It’s a moment of pleasure

Submitted by: maryam

Yes, I’m a coffee addict and I’m proud of it!

Submitted by: addiction

Coffee can’t cure everything, but it can cure the mornings!

Submitted by: aprilchimes

WIth enough coffee, I could rule the world.

Submitted by: Talanhart

There are only two things that will make me happy in the morning, usually my wife gives me the other, a cup of coffee!

Submitted by: Lars

There are only two kinds of conversation needed for a good marriage…
coffee talk, and pillow talk.
They should both be warm, and sweet.

Submitted by: Shelly Bean

No one man has done more to bring peace to mankind than the inventor of coffe

Submitted by: Peter

Life at it’s best is coming across the U.S. Border
into Canada and spotting a Tim Horton coffee shop!!

Submitted by: ClassySoul

Just give me my caffeine and nobody gets hurt!

Submitted by: Anita

Coffee: My favorite kind of bean.

Submitted by: Natasha

Drink coffee do things faster, with more energy.

Submitted by: blah blah

Coffee!!! its a food group!

Submitted by: Duke

On the 8th day of christmas my true love gave to me coffee and a pear tree

Submitted by: choo chii

You know when you find good coffee, hot men always work there.

Submitted by: megan nash

Coffee, all the goodness of life in a cup.

Submitted by: jakeinabox

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