Coffee Quotes and Sayings - Page 5


I can’t help but ponder if the bean in jack and the bean stalk, just had to be a coffee bean, no other kind of bean could take you to a golden egg.

Submitted by: matthew keller

Cowboy coffee in God’s country, is pure heaven.

Submitted by: george mattson

You know when you find good coffee, hot men always work there.

Submitted by: megan nash

Excitement in a cup!

Submitted by: John Hancock

Everybody loves the greatness of coffee in the morning. It just wakes me up and makes me feel good and ready for the day to come.

Submitted by: Sarah Marian

Coffee tastes like you’ve just taken one step into heaven.

Submitted by: goobs

Coffee is like alcohol they are both addictive but you can only drink one while your driving.

Submitted by: JCAT

Coffee should be STRONG, BLACK, and PROUD.
Althoug I like my coffee white like Michael Jackson.

Submitted by: The Stiffmeister

Coffee is the best drink ever.
im a certified coffee addict,drinker and lover!
coffee is the best!

Submitted by: dawn tejada

Decaf?!? Aw no. Unleaded’s for cars!
Instant Human… Just add coffee.
I like my coffee like I like my ladies… Hot and sweet…

Submitted by: Robert

Coffee! the sign of being happy!!!
A good man will be a superior smuggler of coffee!!

Submitted by: jill

On the 8th day of christmas my true love gave to me coffee and a pear tree

Submitted by: choo chii

Coffee!!! it’s awsome! so wake up and smell the coffee would ya bub?!

Submitted by: abbey

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