Competition Quotes and Sayings

Competition is a sin.
– John D Rockefeller

There is no such thing as weak competition; it grows all the time.
– Nabil N Jamal

Competition was as much as respecting your opponent’s work as introspecting on your own.
– Faraaz Kazi

Competition is healthy. Especially when all your competitors are unhealthy, and hopefully sick and absent during the competition.
Jarod Kintz

When you show your opponents your faults or weaknesses, they’ll use it to take you down. Until you’re absolutely certain you’ve won, don’t let them get a glimpse of your thoughts or feelings.

Submitted by: Abdulkareem ayodeji

There’s never a need to worry that someone will outshine us. It’s not a competition. We all need to shine as bright as we can, in our own unique way. It’s not possible for there to be too much light in this world. Shine and let shine.

Stop competing with others. Start competing with yourself.

Competition brings out the best in products and the worst in people.

I’m in competition with myself and I’m losing.
– Roger Waters

I have been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn’t know how to get along without it.
Walt Disney

Real learning comes about when the competitive spirit has ceased.
– Jiddu Krishnamurti

Anytime you find someone more successful than you are, especially when you’re both engaged in the same business – you know they’re doing something that you aren’t.
Malcolm X

The healthiest competition occurs when average people win by putting above average effort.
Colin Powell

The only competition you have, is that man on a mirror.

Submitted by: mr obvii

You’re unbeatable only if you thin you’re unbeatable.

Submitted by: bilal rabbani

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