Cowboy Quotes and Sayings

Cowboys ride horses.
Shouldn’t they be called horseboys???

Submitted by: manuela

Whitney it aint cowgirl up its “cowboy up” meaning quit your crying’
for girls its “cowgirls don’t cry” hence the brooks n’ dunn song

Submitted by: matthew

In every cowboys life he gets himself a god horse a good woman and a good loop!

Submitted by: kim

Repsonse to
“I don’t have a quote,but I do need some help finding the meaning or the history of the phrase “A man to ride the river with”, then maybe we’ll have a quote.”
Someone to ride the river with – a person to be counted on; reliable

Submitted by: EpicDesyre

Hey y’all a true cowboy is one who only talks with that accent, who wears boots with everything!, who ain’t too rich and ain’t too poor, and who wears his wranglers no matter how hot it is, who can’t live without his dip, who loves them big trucks, who always wearing that cowboy hat even if everyone else doesn’t, A true cowboy is BORN not MADE!, and won’t ever leave the house without his hat!!! I love them southern rednecks!

Submitted by: lily

The history of “A man to ride the river with” comes from when Texas Rangers patrolled the Rio Grande on horseback guarding against outlaws and Indians. It, of course, meant someone you could always count on in a dangerous situation.

Submitted by: Mark

If I can’t do the running, my horse will. If I can’t do the fighting, my horse will. My gun and horse I live for ’em.

Submitted by: Rodeo khenan cox

Don’t drink water down stream from the herd.

Submitted by: Allen R

I can ride it, rope it, roll it, or throw it, and I’m a pretty good windmill man.

Submitted by: ol' cowboy

You wouldn’t understand it; it’s a cowboy thing!!

Submitted by: cj

A true cowboy knows not to panic take it all in stride.

Submitted by: Gabe

Ain’t never seen a problem couldn’t be solved with a fast horse and a .44.

Submitted by: Rit Kennedy

Before you start a conflict, make sure you know at which side your gun is.

Submitted by: Khenan cox

Well. I suppose bein’ a cowboy ain’t about something you ride or something you wear. It’s seems like its more than that. It’s about who you are deep down in your rough old boots. It’s doin’ the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do, it’s caring about your neighbor more than you care about yourself, its about lookin’ at gods counrty and knowing it’s not there by chance, it’s about believin’ in something bigger than yourself. It’s not about showin’ off and being some kinda character, but it’s showing character when everyone else is showin’ off.

Submitted by: Double "D" Ranch

Bein’ a cowboy isn’t something you put on in the morning or take off at night. Neither is it what you feed in the barn or ride on the trail. It’s more than that. It’s who you are deep down in your belly. Knowing how to treat folks. Carin’ more about your neighbor than you do about yourself because someone else cared that way about you. Its bein’ brave enough to look at fearsome things and not back down when there’s a cause to stand your ground. But mostly I guess bein’ a cowboy is about having character and doin’ right when nobody’s lookin’. I’m not a cowboy because I do cowboy stuff, but rather I do cowboy stuff because I’m an old cowboy.

Submitted by: ol

The only person crazier than a cowboy is the woman that dates him.

Submitted by: Rachel short

A cowboy doesn’t ride a bull for fame he rides because he loves riding.

Submitted by: Jason_webre

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