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When they lay me down to rest, put my spurs and rope upon’ my chest. Get my friends to carry me.

Submitted by: Randy

Whitney it aint cowgirl up its “cowboy up” meaning quit your crying’
for girls its “cowgirls don’t cry” hence the brooks n’ dunn song

Submitted by: matthew

Size does matter! The bigger the buckle the better!

Submitted by: mudbustincowgirl-TyTy

Cowgirls lead, cowboys follow.

Submitted by: Destiny

All a real cowboy needs is a bull, his boots and beer.

Submitted by: cowboy up!

When you’re a cowboy, life isn’t all about horses and rodeo’s. It’s about mud and dirt, and cowboy boots.

Submitted by: zebraluvr

Cowboys ride horses.
Shouldn’t they be called horseboys???

Submitted by: manuela

The history of “A man to ride the river with” comes from when Texas Rangers patrolled the Rio Grande on horseback guarding against outlaws and Indians. It, of course, meant someone you could always count on in a dangerous situation.

Submitted by: Mark

Don’t drink water down stream from the herd.

Submitted by: Allen R

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