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(COWBOYS) They are all so tough on the outside, but so sweet and soft on the inside.

Submitted by: Amber

COWBOYS: Live Free, Ride Hard!!
Cowboy Quote: COWBOYS: Live Free, Ride Hard!!

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Submitted by: RedneckBeauty

Boots, Hats, and Cowboys…Nothing else Matters!!

Submitted by: All-American Cowgirl

If ya don’t know a where’s you’re a goin, it’d be a good idea not to use yer spurs.

Submitted by: Emily

Once my momma asked my grandpa how to train her horse to pull a cart. Grandpa laughed and answered “Hook ‘em up and head ‘em east.”

Submitted by: Brooke

Winning ain’t everything but losing ain’t fun either. Ride to win!!

Submitted by: Taylor

COWBOYS: work hard, play well, love soft, and are a hell of alot better than any other BOY I’ve ever seen.

Submitted by: Olivia Flannery

You can either go cry in the truck or cowboy up!!!
Cowboy Quote: You can either go cry in the...

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Submitted by: Travis

“A true cowboy is one who says it was nothing when it was everything and that belives that be did better than first but worse than last.”

Submitted by: quarter horse chick

Ride em’ and slide em’ don’t feed em’ and lead em’.

Submitted by: Tandy

May your belly never grumble, may your heart never ache, may your horse never stumble, may your cinch never break.

Submitted by: Stephie

“Cowgirl Up” means to rise to the occasion, not to give up, and to do it all without whining or complaining.

Submitted by: Whitney

It aint worth fussin’ about unless the bone is showin’ or you ain’t got no feelin’ in it…even then you should cowboy up and walk it off.

Submitted by: mat

Hold on young fella don’t let him go hes mighty big and mighty strong but thats what ya knees are for
was once quoted bye a true cowboy I new

Submitted by: clancey

“Cowboys are stronger than two red onions.”

Submitted by: OLDTIMER

If your not makin’ dust your eattin’ it.

Submitted by: Cricket

“Don’t be afraid to go after what you want to do, and what you want to be. But don’t be afraid to be willing to pay the price.”
– Lane Frost
The boy who chooses to love me must also love my horses.

Submitted by: Cortney

A cowboy is not a cowboy without rodeo. Rodeo is not a rodeo with out a cowboy.

Submitted by: cowgirl

Are you gonna cowboy up or lie there and bleed?

Submitted by: chloee

Love guts & glory, 1 mortals chance at fame , his legacy is rodeo and cowboy is his name

Submitted by: chloee

I’d gladly trade 8 seconds for a lifetime of watching from the stands.

Submitted by: daryl

There never was a cowboy who couldn’t be throwed; there never was a horse who couldn’t be rode.
– Cowboy proverb

Submitted by: Shaelynne

In every cowboys life he gets himself a god horse a good woman and a good loop!

Submitted by: kim

Shoot Low Sheriff! He’s ridin a Shetland!

Submitted by: bob

Life’s hard. It’s even harder when you’re stupid.
– John Wayne

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