Cowboy Quotes and Sayings

Letting the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier than putting it back.
Will Rogers

Cowboy Quote: Letting the cat outta the bag is...

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Cowboys and men are two totally different breeds.

Submitted by: Quinton buckem

Asking to borrow someones saddle is like asking to borrow someone’s girlfriend, you just don’t do that.

Submitted by: Jakob Norris

Whoever said a horse was dumb, was dumb.

Cowboys don’t sleep they just wait.

Submitted by: paso

If cowboys picked wives like they pick horses they would have lifelong mates.

Submitted by: george mattson

A cowboy is a gentleman with or without his hat and boots.

Submitted by: VT

A cowboy is not boots, spurs, hat or a love for John Wayne. It is who you are inside. It is how you treat those around you. It is giving of yourself before you give to yourself. It is a smile that comes from your heart and a howdy that comes from your deeds. A rodeo ride isn’t a prerequisite nor is it a requirement to be a cowboy. It isn’t being able to quote Lonesome Dove or talking about the time you saw Garth Brooks in concert. A cowboy has an aura like no one else. A cowboy makes those around him stand in awe of his wisdom, wit and true grit. He holds his mates hand as well as their heart. He treasures what others take for granted. He steps up when others step down and picks up those who stumble around him. A TRUE cowboy is solid, grounded and a gift from God. That is something no item bought at Sheplers or driven of the lot of a dealership can make.

Submitted by: quarterhorsemom

Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway!
– John Wayne

Cowboy Quote: Courage is being scared to death and...

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Cowboys are gentlemen who treat women with respect and work hard. They use their manners more than any other man would and ride horse and bulls like their is no tomorrow.

Submitted by: Karley

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